Deep Space Nine The Fallen: Audio


Below are samples of The Fallen's excellent score, as well as several examples of dialog for all major characters. Many thanks to Eric Reuter for these voice files! If you encounter any errors with these links, please let us know.

Listen to some of the best music ever composed for a Star Trek game!  -DOSMAN

apprch_ard_trk - 4:02
baj_actn_trk - 4:05
Into The Darkness - 4:04
dark_thme_B - 1:53
end_crdits - 3:34
evil - 1:46
Ship Of Hope - 3:43
kira_tense_lp2 - 2:21
orb_thme - 1:48
pah_actn_trk1 - 4:02
Obanak's Theme - 3:05
sisko_escp_trk - 2:03
ulys_actn_trk - 2:49
underwater - 1:11


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"Captain's Log, stardate 51957.1. We've received a garbled distress call from the Bajoran science vessel Ke'el Tul, which was testing a new means of harnessing power from the tachyon eddies in the Denorios Belt."
"Shields up, Yellow Alert."
"Thanks, old man. I'll stay out of trouble. Sisko out."
"I think I've seen the Jeraddo temple ruin that Obanak has my recent nightmares. I can't explain why, but I feel compelled to visit the temple. I just hope Kai Winn feels compelled to let me."
"Sisko to runabout. I've reached the temple. It's magnificent."
"Sisko to Worf. I've reactivated the Ulysses' auxiliary reactor. That should give us limited access to workstations and entry systems."
"Computer. Override command lockout, security clearance Sisko, 1-1-9-6-0 Bravo Sierra."

"Keelen used to be one of the best soldiers in the Bajoran resistance ... and he was a good friend. But now he's the leader of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths. I'm disgusted by his choice of religions, but after all we've been through, I can't just turn my back on him. Obanak truly believes the Prophets have abandoned Bajor, and that the Pah-wraiths are the true Prophets. He makes a very convincing argument. ... I hate to admit it, but he almost had me believing it. Now he wants me to help him convince the Federation to put pressure on the Vedek Assembly to let him and his Cult explore the ancient temple on Jeraddo. I don't know what to do. I want to help him....but if I do, am I helping the Pah-wraiths? I gave him my word I'd always be there for him. If I say no to his request, I might as well forget every promise I ever made."
"I find Obanak's religious beliefs abhorrent, but I know that part of him is still the sincere, compassionate man I remember. He has to be."
"As if we don't have enough trouble, Odo says the Carnelian Circle, an emergency medical operation on Cardassia, sent some provost named Dejar to take control of the investigation into the two Cardassian corpses we found stuck in the hull this morning."
"Red alert! Shields up!"
"Damn it!"
"So, how do I look? It was a little over three years ago that the Obsidian Order kidnapped me and altered my appearance to resemble Legate Ghemor's daughter, Illiana. Somehow, using a similar ruse to deceive the Obsidian Order has a certain ironic justice."

"Sir, Chief O'Brien was injured during the initial assault. He is conscious but immobile."
"Evasive pattern Alpha one-four-zero. Ready quantum torpedoes. Target their weapons array and impulse engines. Fire!"
"Personal log, stardate 51959.2. Under cloak, the Defiant has infiltrated Cardassian space. We are seeking a downed Starfleet research vessel, the Ulysses, which crashed on SR-III in 2359. Admiral Ross's briefing said the Ulysses had found an Orb like the one Terell stole from the station. The Cardassians shot them down before they could do any research. Starfleet has made recovery of this Orb a top priority. If Terell turns her Orb into a weapon, we will need one of our own."
"The Chief and his engineering teams are working around the clock to repair the station, but his latest report indicates the station will not be fully operational for at least one month."
"taHqeq jay'!"

"Oh, and promised you'd prepare qagh for me tonight."
"Jem'Hadar attack ship! Bearing two-one-eight mark twelve and closing fast!"
"The computer finished translating the mural ideograms, and it doesn't look good. According to the text, the three Orbs are the keys to 'Ascension.' Together they hold the power to release the Pah-wraiths from purgatory and open the gates to their own celestial temple....a second wormhole."
"Good luck, Major....or should I say, Alira."
"Ben, I'm detecting a verteron cascade from inside Terell's laboratory. Obanak's attempting to open the wormhole."

"They appear to have rematerialized from transport inside the station's hull. However, there's no way to tell whether it was deliberate or accidental."
"Thankfully, our casualties were light considering the circumstances. The severely injured are all in a stable condition."
"Sir, I'm analyzing the away team's bio-scans of the deceased crewmen. Most of them were either killed during the crash or died shortly thereafter. However, you should know that a number of them appear to have been mauled to death."
"Major, you're positively ravishing as a Cardassian. I guess beauty really is only skin deep."

"We can't get a transporter lock, sir. Too much interference from the tachyon particles in the Belt, and the eichner radiation leaking from their fusion core."
"Sir, the technician who discovered the bodies is still in a state of shock. Conducting repairs on the hull exterior can be nerve-wracking at the best of times. I can't imagine what the poor kid went through when he opened that access panel and two Cardassian corpses jumped out at him."
"O'Brien to bridge. You'd better get down here, Major, it looks like we...."
"Nice work, sir. I'll make an engineer out of you yet!"
"All I ask is that you keep track of the ""repairs"" you make. ... Nothing personal, sir."
"Bloody Cardies!"

"This should never have happened. Keeping their weapons and crew in transporter suspension was ingenious, but I should have caught it."
" careful."
"Captain, Grigari pods have breached sections of Pylon 2, the docking and habitat rings, and the Mid-Core assembly. We've sustained heavy damage....tactical and transporters are offline."
"The Obanak entity is moving through the station and smiting anything that gets in its way....including the Grigari."

"Think it over. May the wisdom of the profits guide you!"
"I'd like to lodge a formal complaint regarding station security. If Odo spent less of his time harassing me and my clients, perhaps he'd be able to stop real criminals and threats to, say, a group of fifty Obsidian Order killers."
"Imagine my disappointment when I discovered there were only three Cardassians onboard that big shuttle....and none of them drink kanar."
"It's like my father always said, 'When you're looking to make a profit, you can't beat a drunk Cardassian.'"
"That's quite a surgical feat, transforming Major Kira into a Cardassian. You know, I told Doctor Bashir I have a lot of clients who'd pay good latinum to have their appearance transformed like that. Of course, he gave me the big Starfleet speech about how it's more important to save lives than make profit....blah, blah, blah."

"It reminds me of an old Cardassian saying: 'There are ways to die....and there are ways to die.'"
"Odo shouldn't be so hard on himself....the Obsidian Order are the undisputed masters of subterfuge and infiltration."
"Major, I'm sure you won't take this as a compliment, but you're quite fetching as a Cardassian."
"I've uploaded all the information I have on Terell's research facility to your PADD. The base is protected by sentry turrets, gravitic mines, disruptor fields, surveillance nodes, and a garrison of armed guards. I won't lie: Our chances of success are miniscule....but at least it promises to be entertaining!"

"Nerys, get back to the monastery! A frontal assault is suicide!"
"Nerys, I'm taking fire! Rendezvous at the top of the tower. We can signal the runabout from...."
"I am convinced we will find an answer to the role the Pah-wraiths will play in Bajor's future, buried inside the temple ruin on Jeraddo. The answer lies in the Orbs of the Pah-wraiths."
"I can't tell you what this means to me... Years ago I found the Orb on Jeraddo, while we were excavating the old temple. Ever since that day, the Pah-wraiths have spoken to me through that Orb, telling me what I must do: It's my destiny to gather all three Orbs of the Pah-wraiths and open the door to their Celestial Temple. Then Bajor will realize the Pah-wraiths have been the only true Prophets all along."

"We're out of time, Zoto. The Federation's taking control of the station, and our project is being cancelled. This is our last chance. Initiate the pulse. Now."
"The Carnelian Circle appreciates your cooperation in this matter."
"It's still here... now I can finish what I began all those years ago..."
"It's evil, Captain... Pure evil. You can't understand... Let me destroy it now, before it's too late...."

"The verteron cascade is focusing on a single point. Field strength increasing ... Subspatial curvature is now one-point-four million legots, and rising..." -Zoto
"What I wouldn't give for a bottle of kanar and a steam bath with Ulani!" -Cardassian
"I'm afraid there's nowhere to run to, Captain Sisko. Your crew fought well, but the Defiant is now in the hands of the Jem'Hadar." -Vorta Male
"I assure you, today is a good day to surrender." -Vorta Male
"Remember, obedience brings victory." -Vorta Male
"Spare me and I can ensure you are not executed by the Jem'Hadar." -Vorta Female
"Surrender immediately or be killed by the Jem'Hadar." -Vorta Female
"The Vorta command the Jem'Hadar. That is the order of things." -Jem'Hadar
"Victory is Life!" -Jem'Hadar
"Remember, obedience brings victory." -Jem'Hadar
"Surrender or be destroyed!" -Jem'Hadar
"Engineering, this is Maxwell. Shut down EPS conduit AX-328. I'm attempting to manually reroute it to AF-325." -Human Male
"Major, the changeling attacked Dalby. It escaped into that duct." -Human Female
"Walk with the Prophets, Emissary." -Bajoran Male

"The love of the Pah-wraiths be with you." -Bajoran Female