Star Trek Online: Designer Diary : STO Survey No. 1


PUBLISHED: Aug 23, 2005
Daron Stinnett

As I mentioned a while back, we're in the process of formulating a series of surveys to gain a better understanding of who might be interested in playing STO and their preferences. In the near future, we'll be running a survey targeted at a wide range of potential players including, but not limited to the core ST gaming audience. In addition, I'd like to use this blog as a launching point for a series of surveys targeted directly at the existing STO community. This will be a great way for us to gain a better understanding of our core audience and get quantitative feedback on our design ideas.

The plan is to make these surveys an ongoing process and to publish the results back to the community for discussion. And to kick things off, here's our first survey that explores the community's experience and perceptions of the MMO landscape:

STO Survey #1 (* survey now closed)

We invite everyone to take this survey regardless of past MMO playing experience. It is also important to note that surveys work best when responders do not know in advance the exact nature of the questions. So please refrain from publishing the questions or other information that may compromise the quality of the data. This survey will be close on 8/30 at which time I'll publish the results along with any conclusions we've drawn from the data.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate. And I hope the results of these surveys will be as informative for the community as they are for us.

Daron Stinnett