Secret of Vulcan Fury: Odds and Ends


Quaker Oaks made a deal to release special edition Secret of Vulcan Fury cereal boxes featuring screenshots from the game.  The promotion featured an instant win sweepstakes as well as a $10 rebate for the game.  The IDIC symbol rendered for the box can be found here and the press release can be found here

Thanks to Russell and Ben Meyers, we have the following scans of the cereal boxes:

Front    | large |    | xtra large |
Back    | large |    | xtra large |
Side     | large |    | xtra large |

Russell and Ben Meyers actually entered the contest, and received this letter from the Quaker Oats Company.

A Vulcan character created for Secret of Vulcan Fury was altered by the development team of Star Trek New Worlds to become Captain Klunk of the Klingon Empire.  More info here.
We know of two Easter Eggs that were going to be created for Secret of Vulcan Fury.  The first is the Enterprise's bowling alley, which can be seen here.  The other one was to be the Enterprise's swimming pool, but it was not created before the game's cancellation.
Many of the artists who worked on Secret of Vulcan Fury ended up working on Roughnecks: Starship Troopers (a CGI TV series).  After Roughnecks finished, Paramount seriously considered making a CGI series based on the Original Series.  Here is a still image from one of the tests:

There were also two video tests from the project that were leaked to the public.  The first one is of Kirk's head, while the second is of Spock doing Joe Pesci's lines from the movie Goodfellas. Paramount eventually decided not to do the project.

John McGinley made the opening sequence for the third demo.  Interplay was considering making an updated theme song with guitar riffs, but when John showed them his opening with the original series theme, they loved it.  The theme song used in the demo was actually taken directly from Judgment Rites.
At the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in 2007, DC Fontana talked about SOVF: It was a very complicated story. It was big. There was mystery. There was a chase. There was threat and danger. It was five parts that were really very full and complicated. The ‘Vulcan Fury’ was actually one of the moons of Vulcan that was actually a weapons platform that had long bead dead and some happens tore-activate it. Which would then threaten the Enterprise which was in orbit and other Federation ships. The problem was that it became very expensive and the head of [game publisher] Interplay pulled it because it was too expensive and he didn’t see getting his money back on it. I have asked [CBS Products Exec] Paula Block if I can take it, clear it,and make it into a novel. I haven’t got an answer back yet, but I think it would be a heck of a great story as a novel.
Secret of Vulcan Fury was initially going to have 8 episodes, but that was cut down to 6 during the game's development.