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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Harbinger was the first DS9 game created for the PC and Mac. It is one of Star Trek's few multimedia adventure titles and features some of the best dialog, voice acting, and plot you'll ever find in a Trek game! The purpose of this collection is to expose Harbinger to a whole new audience in recognition of its tenth anniversary. Please note that this first page covers the beginning of Harbinger in great detail, and these videos allow you to fully explore this part of the game without revealing any major spoilers. For the rest of the game, please see the link at the bottom of this page. DS9 Harbinger and its "Holosuite Missions" demo CD can still be found on eBay, and actually playing the game is still recommended.

All of the following video files use the DivX codec (v5.0.5) with MP3 audio in an AVI wrapper. If you experience problems playing these videos then you may have to download DivX version 5.0.5 HERE (Linux) or the newest version from Except for the opening movie files, all videos are 480x360 in size. We recommend you start with the introductory teaser/OCS ("Harbinger1") and then move on to either the combo file ("Harbinger_ActOne") or the video right below it ("Harbinger2_Beginning").

For optimal viewing, treat these videos as you would a movie being watched on your computer: Turn your speaker volume up to a comfortably loud level, so you can hear as much as possible, and remove sources of light from behind and around the video to improve contrast; an open, mostly light-colored browser or file window as the background would not be a good idea, nor would a physical room window letting in a lot of ambient light.

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Like an episode from the series, Harbinger starts with a pre-rendered teaser dropping right into a game-specific version of DS9's third season opening credit sequence! [Computer, Kira, Dax, Sisko]

6:10 51.6 MB
The game-specific, third season opening credit sequence without teaser (US release).
1:51 14.3 MB
The lower-quality opening credit sequence from the Holosuite Missions demo CD-ROM, demonstrating the MIDI-type version of the main theme used for the demo and the European release.
1:53 8.9 MB
NOTE: All characters, except for Bannik, are listed in the order they speak.



This video is designed to give broadband users one continuous shot of the main plot gameplay from Harbinger's beginning. It is a combination of the four, numbered videos listed below and is the equivalent of a half-hour TV episode! [see below]
23:32 106.1 MB
Picking up where the teaser left off, you must assist Odo in shutting down the Orinoco's main propulsion grid before you are transported to Ops and welcomed aboard Deep Space Nine. [Carlton, Odo, Sisko, Computer, Dax, Kira]
5:20 24.4 MB
Working with Dax, you identify the Scythian drone craft as your assailants just before they pick their next target: The station. [Dax, Kira, Sisko, Wey, Computer]
5:48 26.3 MB
After successfully defending Deep Space Nine from the Scythian drones, you talk with Captain Sisko to determine just how serious the situation is, to find out what's been happening on the station since you last visited, and to get your first assignment. [Dax, Kira, Sisko]
5:45 26.3 MB
Leaving Ops, you are to report to Ambassador Karrig to learn more about the Scythians and plan for the upcoming negotiations, ...if only you could find him. [Computer, Quark, Odo, Kira]
6:40 29.1 MB
This last video concludes our progression through the main plot pathway for this page, but the below videos cover all the additional experiences you can have before seeing to the Ambassador.



Starting from Quark's Bar, we visit a Holosuite, stroll through the Upper Promenade, tour Ops, explore the Lower Promenade, stop in the Security office, pass through the airlocks to the Habitat Ring, find a Cargo Bay, and conclude our journey in the Docking Ring. [Computer, Dax, Quark] 9:31 38.3 MB
You stop in Quark's Bar to find directions to the Habitat Ring, but Quark has other plans.... [Renat, Quark, Tharen, Computer]
8:48 40.3 MB
Entering Quark's Holosuite, you activate the first of two simulated runabout tactical missions. [Computer] 2:51 12.9 MB
Before leaving the Holosuite, you run the second of two simulated runabout tactical missions. [Computer]
2:42 11.7 MB
After returning from the Holosuite, you meet DS9's only remaining Dabo girl: Jani Tharen. [Tharen, Quark]
4:06 18.7 MB
Leaving Quark's Bar, you decide to have a friendly chat with Security Chief Odo ...and let him know about Quark. [Odo] 2:13 7.7 MB
While strolling the Upper Promenade, you are stopped by Vedek Rasmus Selin. [Rasmus]
5:11 23.7 MB
Guarding the airlock leading to the Scythian delegation ship, Ensign Desma Yarrow prevents you from meeting them. [Yarrow, Odo]
3:05 14.1 MB

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