Enterprise: The Game: Description



Enterprise: The Game is a fast-paced arcade-style shooter for your Windows PC. Control the NX-01 through an onslaught of invading alien ships while aiming for the high score. On your trek you will earn new weapons, unlock hidden ships, protect your allies and rescue stranded shuttles. Intergalactic peace comes with a high price, but you can get your hands on Enterprise: The Game right now, absolutely free!

Special Features include....

Special Features Menu
Packed full of Trek goodies, this sub-menu is available after you beat the game (get 10,000 points).

Audio / Visual Galleries
Sample music and sound effects from the game. View ship schematics, Enterprise ship chronology, and hidden comics.

Joystick / Joypad compatibility
"ENTERPRISE" is perfect for a USB handheld joystick or game pad. Just plug and play!

Hidden Vehicles
Extra ships can be unlocked for use after gaining enough points. Ships range from Captain Kirk's NCC-1701 to a Romulan Warbird with cloak.