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News ImagePS4/Xbox One: Win a STAR TREK ONLINE Starter Pack! Nov 21, 2017
TrekCore is hosting a Star Trek Online contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 14 — Emergence — on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms!

News ImageSTAR TREK ONLINE Tzenkethi Escort Giveaway Oct 10, 2017
TrekCore is hosting a new STAR TREK ONLINE contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 14 -- Emergence -- with a chance for five lucky PC gamers to receive a Tzenkethi Shuk Din Escort!

News ImageDISCOVERY Beams to Popular STAR TREK Games Sep 21, 2017
We’re just days away now from the debut of Star Trek: Discovery on television – but its influence has already impacted two popular online Trek games before the series arrives, from the mobile game STAR TREK TIMELINES to the long-running MMO STAR TREK ONLINE.

News ImageInterview: TIMELINES Team on Adding DISCOVERY Crew Aug 14, 2017
In the whirlwind of news coming out of this year’s Star Trek mega-convention in Las Vegas, one bit of gaming info may have slipped past your sensors: mobile game STAR TREK TIMELINES will be adding STAR TREK: DISCOVERY content soon! We caught up with the team from developer Disruptor Beam to learn more about the soon-to-come upgrades.

News ImageSTAR TREK ONLINE Beams Aboard LeVar Burton Aug 13, 2017
At last week’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced at their fan panel that Star Trek: The Next Generation actor LeVar Burton — also known as Geordi La Forge — will return to his role in STAR TREK ONLINE this September, along with a host of Galaxy-class ship adventures!

News ImageDISCOVERY Characters Beam to STAR TREK TIMELINES Aug 04, 2017
If you’re a fan of Disruptor Beam’s STAR TREK TIMELINES mobile strategy game, then you’re in for an upgrade this fall as characters from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY are transporting to your mobile device after the launch of the new series!

News ImageSTO Son'a Battlecruiser Giveaway for PC Players Jul 26, 2017
TrekCore is hosting another new STAR TREK ONLINE contest to celebrate the recent release of Season 13.5, and today we’re giving away five Son’a Intel Battlecruisers for PC players - read on to learn how you can win one of these alien warships for your armada!

News ImageTREK ONLINE Wrist Lance Giveway for Xbox Players Jun 13, 2017
TrekCore is hosting another Star Trek Online contest... and to celebrate the recent release of Season 13 – “Escalation” – for Xbox One players, we’re giving away fifty rare Fluidic Antiproton Wrist Lance weapons!

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