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News ImageStar Trek: Wrath of Gems Sep 17, 2015
The popular Gems puzzle game has been developed for Star Trek! It's combines Star Trek characters, spaceships and races from TOS and TNG. It's ported for both iOS and Android, and is available as of Sept. 17th.

News ImageStar Trek Timelines Sep 20, 2014
See the latest in Disruptor Beam's project currently in development - Star Trek Timelines, the latest social and mobile strategy RPG.

News ImageTuvok Returns: Tim Russ Joins "Star Trek Online" Jan 22, 2014
The Delta Quadrant's favorite Vulcan returns! "Voyager" actor Tim Russ returns to his role as Tuvok in an upcoming "Star Trek Online" adventure coming this February.

News ImageREVIEW Star Trek: Music from the Video Games Jul 11, 2013
Our Gaming Editor reviews the new MP3 soundtrack release from BSX records, "Music from the Star Trek Video Games" which ties together a whole host of famous themes from a spectrum of high profile Star Trek gaming releases! Find out what we thought of the release in our review.

News Image'Music from the Star Trek Video Games' Information Jul 04, 2013
We've got full information on a brand new album from BSX Records collecting music from the famous Star Trek Video Games. This collection includes numerous famous games including Star Trek Online, Starfleet Command, Armada, Birth of the Federation and Star Trek Borg. We've got track listings, artwork and links to buy!

News ImageGaming: Explore the Enterprise NCC-1701 Interview Jun 12, 2013
TrekCore talks to the developers of a new game which allows users to explore an in-depth, fully-realized interior model of the original Starship Enterprise deck-by-deck. Check out the full interview which has a range of screenshots from the game.

News ImageStar Trek The Game Interview: Brian Miller Apr 15, 2013
TrekCore talks to Paramount's Brian Miller in a new interview focusing on the upcoming Star Trek Game released this month. Brian discusses everything from the game's inception to the challenges of rebooting the Star Trek gaming franchise and the genius behind the recent Shatner/Gorn commercial!

News ImageStar Trek Game Screenshots Apr 04, 2013
A few more Star Trek Game screenshots have been released and added to our gallery.

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